take care of the runner's nails

5 tips to take care of the runner’s nails

The impact on the ground at the time of running can cause significant problems in the nails, which will end up causing training to be a real martyrdom. So that it does not happen again, we give you 5 tips to take care of the runner’s nails (remedios para unha encravada).

You should cut your nails with some frequency. Do not forget that there may be a friction with the toe of the shoe and cause the nails to turn black or become incarnated. It will usually be enough for the courts every ten days or so, and if it is after the shower, much better. Try to make the cut straight, since rounded nails are more likely to form thumb tabs.

Try not to run with a shoe that fits too tight, there must be a margin. If you squeeze too much, the nails will end up pressed hard and will end up turning black. Also keep in mind that the shoes will also break down sooner.

Be careful when going down the slopes. Running down the feet tend to move towards the toe, so the nails and fingers will end up pressed against the front of the shoe. That is why it is always recommended to buy footwear a little wider, which allows the foot to move freely.

Do not worry if a black nail appears. It will end up healing in a short time. The best thing is that for a few days you reduce the intensity of the workouts so that the problem does not go any further.

When you have any discomfort in the nails it is advisable to go to the podiatrist. The great sufferers are, without a doubt, the background runners. They are the most likely to be broken or blacked out. To prevent and avoid problems in the feet do not hesitate to see a specialist with some frequency.