How to paint a shirt

We are going to paint a smooth shirt to give it a personal touch. In this way, we will achieve a modern shirt based on a simple and simple personalized t shirts for couples.

We show you how to print the drawing that you like most on your shirt. Follow these steps to create a unique garment that only you will have.



  • Sponge
  • Knife
  • Fine tip brush
  • Griddle



  • Smooth t-shirt
  • Drawing template (acetate paper)
  • Wood
  • Acrylic paint for colored textiles


Step by step to paint a shirt

Step 1

Before beginning to paint the shirt we will have to make a template with the drawing that we want it to have. To do this, first draw on a plain paper, then you have to draw it on acetate paper and finally cut all the edges leaving the interior empty.


Step 2

At the time of painting you have to put inside the shirt a wooden board or a hard cardboard so that when painting on one side the paint is not transferred to the other side.


Step 3

The next step will be to take the template and place it on the shirt in the area where we want to make the drawing. Then we will take the sponge and wet it in the paint. We will remove the excess that may remain and we will give dry blows to the template. It is important to hold the template well so that it does not move.


Step 4

If we want to paint with a different color, it will be better to use another sponge so that the colors do not mix.


Step 5

Once we have finished painting the entire template, it will be the turn to remove it. We must be very careful not to move it sideways. You have to pop it up gently.


Step 6

As the corners have been somewhat blurred, with a fine brush we will go over all the edges to achieve a better drawing. In this way we round all the edges. We can also give some shadows using another color and painted on the drawing.


Step 7

Finally, we can give a faded touch using a sponge and giving soft touches. Once everything is dry, we will have to iron the shirt so that the paint is fixed well. It is important that the shirt is turned inside out and the iron has enough heat.