Is Teeth Whitening Safe

There so many people who have been asking Is teeth whitening safe. The answer to this question is yes. But there are conditions that must be met so that the tooth whitening process will work. Today, our smile is the most powerful way of communication and there are so many people who want to have white teeth.

Teeth’s whitening is a procedure where the teeth are whitened through removing brown stains. The color of the tooth comes from dentin and it is not possible to change it through bleaching unless the outer layer is chipped. This is associated with pain because dentin is composed of nerve endings and it will lead to tooth vitality. Before you choose any home bleaching, it is vital that you check with the dentist to see whether you are qualified for tooth

Root surfaces which are exposed because of gum recession or worn enamel will give access to bleaching gel and cause tooth sensitivity. Office bleaching is good for this situation because it is a controlled process where the gel will be applied selectively on the surface of the tooth and gums are going to be protected. Before any tooth whitening, it is vital for gums problems to be addressed or cracks.

There are whitening products especially those which are sold online and not dispensed by a dentist are not effective because they cause loss of tooth enamel. Most of the products are composed of an active ingredient an acid instead of peroxide. The question: is teeth whitening is safe. Yes, it is safe as long as the right procedure will be followed with the selected products for all your needs. A dentist should be there to supervise the whole process.