Planning Tips for Creating A Successful YouTube Channel

So you want to create a successful YouTube channel, huh? Think you got what it takes to be a big-time hot-shot million-subscriber money-printing machine? Well there’s a lot of blood, sweat and mouseclicks involved in making a successful Youtube channel and unless you have a HI-LARIOUS video of you or a friend getting hit real hard in their most sensitive areas, you probably won’t be an overnight success (and even then the success probably won’t be enough to cover the hospital bills.)

Buy views and comments on youtube Building a successful YouTube channel is just that  – building. You need a blueprint before you start building something or else you end up with a mud hut when what you wanted was a skyscraper. Here are a few things to consider before you break out the scaffolding.


1. Define Yourself – Who You Are, What You’re Into and How You Want to Present Yourself.
Be you on camera. That may seem pretty obvious, but it’s worth stating. Think of any of your favorite Youtubers. Why do you like them? Why do you come back to watch their content? Well, stop thinking because I’ll tell you why – they’ve developed a unique personal brandingthat you enjoy. Defining yourself and creating your own “personal brand” is key in the creation and maintenance of a successful Youtube channel.


2. Define Your Capability – What Can You Pull Off?
Buy youtube comments and views Content with higher production quality tends to get more views and shares. That’s just the way it is. However, great content can be made at all levels of production quality – you just have to take advantage of your skills and equipment (and of course use them as appropriate for what you’re trying to create.) Do you have a RED camera, dolly, harness set and prosthetic limbs handy? Shoot an epic fantasy battle scene with exploding arms and legs. Do you have mom and dad’s old camcorder from the 90s? I would advise against trying to film an epic fantasy battle scene with exploding arms and legs. You’re may be shooting for this but you’ll usually end up with this.


3. Define Your Audience – Who They Are and How Best to Reach Them
Psst. Hey. Kid. C’mere for a second. Listen reallllll closely. You listening? Good.
Got your attention? Good. Building a relationship with your audience almost single-handedly decides your success or failure on YouTube. Everything you do should be to build your audience. Make yourself available to them. Get a Twitter/Facebook page and respond when they message you. Be nice. People who like you are more willing to share your content.

As you develop a relationship with your audience and get to know them a bit more, patterns start to arise – how old they are, what else they’re into, what gender they are etc. In marketing, this is called demographic information. You can use this information to develop future content not only that you will want to make, but also that will appeal more to your audience. Now, you don’t have to bend to their every request (and believe me, there will be plenty of requests) but keep in mind what they want to see.


4. Make Yourself a Schedule and Stick To It

Life happens. We get it. But make sure the channel happens as well. Consistency is key. Having strong, regular content is more important than having infrequent mind-blowing content. Having regular content helps you more easily develop a relationship with your audience, gives you more chances at exposure and generally keeps your audience’s attention. If you give your audience too much time between videos, they may just get bored and move onto someone else. Audiences are fickle like that.