Invest in physical gold

In the long term, investing in gold is profitable. If you decide to purchase it physically, it is because the metal will not move as much. You can do it with bullion, coins, or jewelry, although the latter option does not pay well for sale gold ira companies reviews. Generally, buying physical gold would generate a storage and transfer problem, many choose to take out insurance.

The bars are generally 400 ounces, this could present a difficulty when selling, since you have to find someone to buy it for its full value, since the bar cannot be divided to pay a specific amount, the sale has to be made full of the piece.

Invest in gold CFDs

There is a cfd on gold that is the XAUUSD, it is preferred by most traders to invest in gold. If you decide to operate with this CFD, you should consider the lottery and leverage that you must use, the market hours, since, if you are a scalper, during the New York session it is a good time to buy or sell gold because it is when there will be the greatest movement in the dollar.

If you prefer to do it in the long term, you will require less analysis, but it does not hurt to look for the confluences between indicators, tools and news.

Invest in gold ETFs

An ETF (Exchange-traded fund) is a listed investment fund to trade secondary securities, gold ETFs have it as their main asset derived from possessions of the precious metal, unlike CFDs we will have many varied options to operate with gold.

While the CFD price varies very little between brokers, from one ETF to another in the same broker it will have a totally different price, we must investigate the main ones, analyze and choose the one we believe will give us the best results.

Among the most common are:

?SPDR Gold Shares

? Sprott Gold Miners

? Invesco Physical Gold ETC

? WisomTree Core Physical Gold

Invest in Gold Futures

Investing in gold futures means establishing a contract to buy or sell the asset in a certain period of time, normally the times are long, greater than a month. At present, quantities, prices and settlement day are defined and that future date the payment for the purchase is made and the seller delivers the gold.

It is normally used to speculate on the course of the asset and to allow capital to be available for trading since the obligation will be covered at a future date that the two parties involved know exactly when it will be.

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