You are organizing an event or you are a company that wants to promote on a specific occasion and you are looking for an option that is economical but that gives great visibility local screen printing. Clothing items and, specifically, t-shirts, are ideal for this since they meet both requirements.

However, it is important that the final finish allows you to create something attractive, eye-catching and, therefore, be used regularly to achieve that advertising effect or, simply, so that everyone is comfortable wearing them at the event being prepared. For this reason, we are going to give some tips on customizing t-shirts, so that you can achieve a result that matches what you are looking for and also resolves some additional doubts.

Choose the material of your personalized t-shirt carefully
We start with the first aspect to take into account. Before deciding if the garment will be red or blue or if it will combine well with the logo or image, it is necessary to stop and determine if the material is appropriate . After all, it must feel comfortable to be used regularly.

Among the most notable materials we find cotton (regardless of whether it is carded or combed), polyester or eco components such as organic cotton or rPET (recycled plastic). These last two are less common but have a similar feel to the previous two, so they can be highly recommended if we identify with the values ​​of sustainability and care for the environment.

If, on the other hand, we go for a more classic option, we must keep in mind that cotton has a more pleasant texture, is usually more breathable and the feeling is that it is a quality product. Polyester, on the other hand, resists humidity better and is more elastic.

In short, the first will be used for more regular day-to-day use and the second is more suitable for sports activities. If you want to know more, we recommend visiting our post on types of t-shirts .

Logo color and design, always united hand in hand
Whether you are organizing a particular event and want everyone to wear a personalized t-shirt or if you want to promote your company, choosing colors is the next step that you have to stop at to make the right choice. We have already solved the part of having a comfortable and appropriate garment for the occasion: now let’s make it attractive.

First of all, it is important to know how to combine colors properly (which is why we leave you a link giving some advice), although there are some basic rules to follow.

To begin with, if you are a brand, it will be important that the tone of the t-shirt matches the logo and, therefore, with the corporate image, so the choice may be more difficult.

In any case, unless you want to do something strident and groundbreaking, you have to know how to make the right mix. Black and white are the two wildcard colors par excellence and, furthermore, they will not steal the spotlight from the print, allowing it to stand out.

Gray is another option to consider since it fits well with both cold and warm tones and, in addition, there is a diverse range of them.

If we are looking for something more colorful, we must consider the following: red is very striking and aggressive, yellow is more discreet and can go well with a dark print, green combines well with white, black and with yellow and pink itself. It is ideal for brown or khaki tones.

These are some examples but, in the link that we have provided previously, you will be able to see other options.

The printing technique: essential for the finish
Perfect. We are clear about the material of our personalized t-shirts, the color and the printing design but… What technique should I choose? Which is the most suitable?

First of all, it is not possible to recommend one option over another since it will depend on what the image to be printed is like . However, we will explain the most common options to make this choice easier.

First, there is screen printing , one of the most popular because it is simple, economical and gives good results. For personalization, a tensioned mesh is used where the design goes, applying ink later. Depending on the piece of clothing, it may be necessary to do two passes, so the price could increase.

Second, there is the transfer , which can be silk-screen (similar to the previous one but using heat for printing) or digital (which allows full-color customization).

Third, there is embroidery , designed for small details that can go on the chest or sleeve but that provide a more professional and outstanding finish.

Fourth, there is sublimation , which allows you to put the image or design you want. Normally only available for those that are polyester.

Let yourself be advised by an expert
Probably the most important tip of all. Rather than risk making several t-shirts without having all the information, the ideal is to get advice from the company that produces them . An expert will be able to tell you, according to your preferences, which is the best alternative, so that you can count on a quality and visually attractive finish.

At Gift Campaign we will give you the pertinent recommendations. In addition, we will provide you with a photomontage so that you can see what the result will be like before placing the order, so that you can see if the color combination is correct or if the size of the print is the desired one. This way, any necessary modifications can be made before production.

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